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Hearing enriches many of life's experiences, so it is vital to give the ears care and attention throughout life. EarHelp is a unique reference site that provides expert information about hearing and ear conditions from birth right through to old age.
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Ageing & Ear Health
Ageing & Ear Health: Causes of Hearing Loss, Presbycusis And Sociocusis: Gradual Hearing...
Ask Our Experts
Ask Our Experts: Is Non Allergic Rhinitis the Cause of my Problems?, Can Ear Wax Be...
Case Studies
Case Studies: My Son Had a Cholesteatoma: A Case Study, I Have Meniere's Disease: A...
Children & Ear Health
Children & Ear Health: What Types of Congenital Hearing Problems Are...
Common Ear Conditions
Common Ear Conditions: Allergies and Ear Health, Usher's Syndrome:...
Ear Treatments
Ear Treatments: What is Auricular (ear) Acupuncture, Grommets and Your Ear,...
Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures: Facts and Figures About Hearing Problems, Facts and Figures on...
Healthy Ears
Healthy Ears: How Your Genes Shape Your Ear Lobes, Living with a Cochlear Implant,...
Hearing: Can Genetics Explain Hearing Problems?, Can Stem Cells Restore Lost...
Life Stories
Life Stories: Living With a Deaf Parent: Life Story, Who Was Miller Reese...
Latest Comments
  • EarHelp
    Re: Ear Infection
    @LisaS - it must be awful for you to go through such pain consistently. Unfortunately, we are unable to give direct medical advice, so there is not…
    10 November 2014
  • LisaS
    Re: Ear Infection
    I suffered with ear infections as a child (a lot) but nothing was ever done, just the usual antibiotics etc. They went away for most of my teens but I…
    7 November 2014
  • cookie
    Re: Ear Infection
    Hi. I have had a ear infection for 5 months and it makes my whole left side sore do you have any ideas as it is making my bone behind my ear hurt too.…
    27 September 2014
  • jps
    Re: Ear Infection
    @patty, if the prescribed drugs don't make it any better then you need to go back to your GP.
    19 August 2014
  • Patty
    Re: Ear Infection
    I have a ear infection in my left ear also my left hand side of my face is slightly swollen and inflamed and painfull doctor prescribed Flucloxacillin…
    19 August 2014
  • phyl
    Re: Cholesteatoma
    my grandson was born with a unilayeral cateract he also has earing problems he is now 3 years old and seems to have ear infections all the time , and…
    25 July 2014
  • Robbie
    Re: Cholesteatoma
    After my Cholesteatoma Surgery , I loss partial sense of taste. My question is this a normal occurance and is there any treatment for this?
    22 July 2014
  • Bryce_32
    Re: Can Ear Wax Be Removed by Vacuum?
    Yes the ENT that I go to in St. Peters, MO does uses a vacuum type device to remove wax and it has worked very well for me,…
    3 July 2014
  • sants
    Re: Can Earphones Damage Your Hearing?
    Best advice is to use old model nokia earphones
    30 June 2014
  • CJL
    Re: Do you Have a Ruptured Eardrum?
    @Mosey: just read your post about your left ear roaring noise, like a helicopter. Wow! I just described what's going on for me…
    4 June 2014
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